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Our objective is to bring you quick, pain-free web, app and cloud systems development. Our expertise is to assemble and successfully direct the programmers, developers and designers you need to

  1. Build a quality app.
  2. Deploy your app fast.
  3. Take care.
About Us

Welcome to Softgeeks

Soft Geeks was established in February 2018 with a vision to provide services and design products using crosscutting and innovative technologies. We have a “people first” approach in our business and we follow human-centered paradigm from designing our services and products to making policies for our employees and customer base. Soft Geeks leads in project management outsourcing and business analysis solutions which help companies stay on target through proven delivery and management methods. Our primary goal is to be the icon among leading Information Technology service providers by offering innovative and unique technology solutions to our clients with a responsibility for the growth & development of Information Technology. We aim to go beyond client’s expectations by providing high quality, secure, and appropriately-timely solutions based on latest IT Technologies and techniques for small, medium and large business operations.

Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template





Clarifies the project purpose, eliminate confusion, inspire team to do their best.




A user stories helps to create a simplified description of a requirement.




This is the full list of what is needed to be done to complete your project.




Sprint is particular planned amount of work that has to be completed.




After completion of all sprints you will get your dream product in real world.


Our Team

We are the team of amazing people.


Ghulam Qadir

Project Manager

Umer Usman

Poject Manger

Tiffany Draper

Android Developer

Sadia Riaz

Web Developer

Salman Masood


Seeing the world requirement and user needs we have experienced staff who works accordinly to your needs.

Our Services

Web Development

Providing Mobile Responsive and Interactive Website development and Web Hosting Services.

Our Services

SEO/ASO Services

We Provide Best in People Interest, Bring Traffic, Marketing VIA Social Metia, Social Media Posting.

Our Services

Mobile App Devleopemnt

Providing best application product devlopment services with many other optimization techniques.

Our Services

UI/UX Designing Services

We establishes a clear design process, meets deadlines, and delivers a spot-on end result.

Our Services

Event Management

We provide free consultancy for managing all events.Our Best Efforts is to make your Event memorable.

Our Services

Maintenance & Support

We provide our customers expert advice and best solutions on time which is according to their software.


Our Victory On Going Project
Our Victory Cups of Coffee
Our Victory Projects Completed
Our Victory Happy Clients


We are privilaged to show off our well known products we made in past years as we dont take this lightly.

FYP IT Tech Store

We want you to concentrate on your studies without taking tension of your final year projects. We provide project guidance to students by providing innovative ideas and the optimistic way to implement those ideas.

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GrocerApp delivers all your grocery to your door-step in just few hours. GrocerApp delivers all your household needs to your door-step in just few hours like meat,vegetables,eggs,bread and many many more.

Qazi Pharmacy

This App is the smartest and fastest way to get your medicines at your Door. It assures delivery under 1 hour at a flat discount of 10%. It has two simple steps, i-e Use the app to place order through a picture or use manually and confirm your order.

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Money Reader

Money Reader instantly identifies all currencies and transfers the result to the user via text to speech.This App complies with accessibility standards for blinded persons who can quickly and easily identify and count the banknotes.

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